Inspired by Servomuto

Servomuto is a Milan-based lighting design brand that has been offering a contemporary vision of the lampshade since 2010, while retaining its timeless craftsmanship and character. A new language that combines sophisticated prints, original colors and prestigious materials and fabrics in a production that distorts the classic, making it still relevant, with an effect that is both familiar and modern.
His eyes always looked to the light to the unexpected, a fun and dreamy way, thanks to innovative products with a grain of salt to tradition.
Therefore each of its lamps is unique: it has a strong personality and gives warmth and uniqueness to the space around it with character, suggestive capacity and a touch of loud Italian style that The ry is always recognizable.

Servomuto products All Servomuto products are designed down to the finest detail and then handcrafted, one by one, by skilled Italian craftsmen with the best high quality materials and techniques able to survive over time ; for this reason, they are always unique and exclusive.
Production is carried out with methods, meticulousness in detail and finishes typical of the tradition of high Italian craftsmanship, with precision and care that stand for quality products entirely Made in Italy, the brand from which we are proud.
Each element is handcrafted: from the metal structure of hand-bent lampshades to pleats and finishes skilfully used by expert seamstresses. Servomuto prides itself on a boast of custom processing and manufacturing that deliberately contrasts with the mechanization of large-scale production.
This choice also allows us to develop non-catalog products that can meet specific customer needs through a special tailor-made service ".
Servomuto combines experimentation and tailoring knowledge to reinterpret and restore a classic item, preserving its harmonious essence.

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