Inspired by Showroom Finland

Showroom Finland is a Helsinki-based company whose product portfolio consists of intelligent design. In Finland, forests provide the country with sustainable resources for the production of plywood and cardboard products. Here, both the talent of the designers and the industry have turned into top professionals when it comes to woodworking. Showroom Finland, producing and designing mainly in their native lands, refines this knowledge to create the classics of tomorrow.

In 2001, Tuula and Leena founded the company after gaining long and thorough experience with various Finnish design companies. As longtime colleagues and friends, they shared a common vision of contemporary Finnish design philosophy as well as a vision of open and direct business communication. The first products in the Showroom Finland collection were plywood bowls, which were awarded in 2003 with the DESIGN PLUS award in Frankfurt. In the following years, Showroom Finland was nominated for the same award for three more products. GOOD DESIGN and GOOD GREEN DESIGN (Chicago) and ECO DESIGN (Helsinki) are one of several design awards given to Showroom Finland products.

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