Inspired by Silen

Silen is an Estonian manufacturer founded over a decade ago by experienced engineers to give everyone the opportunity to work without distractions in quiet and modular office cubicles, ideal for open plan offices. The first generation of these quiet rooms was presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2007. The goal is simple: to offer flexibility that always maintains the maximum functionality of the product, developing form and style in tandem with innovative technical solutions

Silen products Silen Space and Chatbox booths help to solve problems related to the organization of workplaces: they are ideal partition walls for work and leisure areas, ensuring that everyone can concentrate when necessary, and that phone calls or meetings do not disrupt the work of the team of members. In addition, they are designed to fit the atmosphere of any modern office and are equipped with an air circulation system with a HEPA filter that helps to stay concentrated and filters 99.9% of bacteria every minute.

Silen's commitment to sustainability tries to use more indigenous, fully recyclable materials. In fact, Silen products stand out ecologically and economically thanks to their durability and the use of materials that meet and comply with the strictest regulations available

In addition, the modular design of the Silen capsules allows you to resize the capsules as needed without having to throw away the old product for a newer module, and the fact that they are not built to last, allows them to be easily swapped for moving from one office to another by turning on wheels.

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