Inspired by Sinetica

Sinetica proposes a specific offer that includes coordinated products in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The plot

We were born in 1995 from the experience of an important industrial reality in the furniture industry with an important mission: stimulating, friendly and functional workplaces. In 1997, we launched our first line of products and attended the first trade fair. In 2001, we launched a business development program that included the release of models with strong personalities, which is the result of a strong link between design and manufacturing, and streamlining communication and the sales network. From series production, we went to extreme personalization of components in order to deliver recognizable products. This is how Sinetica was born, which today is synonymous with reliability.


Sinetica puts all its qualities into every piece of furniture and every space it designs. Beauty that enriches space and spirit. Team spirit, combining many different skills and always creating different solutions. Technology that protects people and the environment, making everyday life and work easier. Correctness, transparency and openness to a global vision are the basic attributes of a successful modern company. All this in so many different forms is Sinetica: quality, emotions, responsibility, team spirit, global vision.

Mission vision

Sinetica Industries designs and manufactures furniture with comfort , functionality and design come together to create a dynamic living space that provides well-being and cordiality. Each office we furnish expresses the most authentic Italian know-how.

design philosophy

From reception to lounge, from operating offices, to conference rooms, to meeting and congress rooms, there is a logical and emotional thread that connects space and people, aesthetics and quality, privacy and communication: Sinetica. Great work in progress to equip today's offices not only with furniture, but also with ideas, opinions and attention to technological development, engineering and quality, trying to match the needs of the end customer and his expectations to the applied industrial processes. Each stage of production is shown daily: from the examination and selection of raw materials to production and services. Sinetica has a Business Quality System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, obtaining and maintaining the certificate of an accredited organization.


The main goal of Sinetica is to treat environmental protection as the main part of its activities . For this reason, Sinetica decided to use the Environmental Magament System (SGA) in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 standard. In addition, in the interest of environmental protection and certified ethical values, Sinetica has obtained the international FSC standard certificate (FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL), which is a guarantee for the end customer that the purchased product comes directly or indirectly from certified forests.


We believe that being a modern company means not only being successful in the market, but also contributing to real and positive progress around the world. For this reason, we support the values of equality and solidarity by supporting non-profit organizations such as AFRICA CHIAMA: a group of doctors who have been working for many years in the poorest parts of the continent, implementing health and social programs. Because everyone has the right to live in a better world.

Sinetica for art

Sinetica promotes the dissemination and accessibility of expression in all its forms through Sinetica FOR ART, the kind of path we follow, to enable easy access to knowledge and appreciation of modern forms of artistic and cultural expression in our territory. An ambitious project, but aware of its educational value, with the help of which Sinetica each year tries to select an emerging artist to present him to the public through an exhibition of his works and to create a book summarizing their experiences, style and achievements.

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