Inspired by Barcelona Rugs

The sister brand of Francisco Cumellas, Barcelona Rugs, was founded in 2014.

Our passion for our beautiful city is the driving force behind the brand. Barcelona Rugs represents the city's elegant and modernist personality, drawing inspiration from some of Barcelona's most recognizable symbols.

Our design team creates all the collections as well as providing custom design designs. We also work with internationally renowned designers.

All our collections reflect the unique essence of each designer and are characterized by excellent craftsmanship that makes each piece truly unique.
Each rug we make is a unique work of art. We strive for a perfect harmony between design, quality and the end product in all our carpets.


The production process always starts with an innovation process, the result of which is to be reflected in project. Our initial idea goes into the hands of the customer, the absolute master of design, who then leads us to deliver a personalized rug that fits perfectly with his design.

Materials, handcrafted techniques and even the final colors are at the mercy of everyone the orders and know-how that Barcelona Rugs brings to the table. Throughout the process, we constantly work together to ensure the desired end result is achieved.

All our rugs are made of natural materials specially selected for their quality and are mainly handmade in India and Nepal by traditional artisans who are very representative of their culture.

We do not work with standard sizes or stock items. Each piece is designed and produced exclusively for each client.

In addition, we are able to customize dimensions, colors and materials in all our collections.

Our design studio also creates original designs, to meet the precise needs of both private clients and large contract projects, obtaining the perfect carpet in terms of design and technical specification for any space.

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