Inspired by Siru

Siru is an Italian lighting company, a leader in providing prestigious lighting solutions. Siru's creativity dates back to 1989, thanks to Rudy Marinotto, who brought his experience and knowledge in the field of techniques and craftsmanship. He led the company to success thanks to high-quality production, a wide range of clear and shiny colored glasses and the skills of a specialized and highly qualified staff. Siru continues to be rash when it comes to experimenting with the application and processing of materials to achieve highly personalized production. The company is growing steadily and rapidly, and is developing an extensive commercial network, with several stores in Italy and abroad. Over the years, Siru has become a benchmark and an indispensable partner in interior and exterior decoration and lighting.

Our mission: Our mission is to combine creativity and quality to offer a wide selection of prestigious lighting solutions and a diverse range of innovative and classic products to be able to satisfy all tastes and needs. Siru is a strongly customer-oriented company. They always receive the utmost attention and technical support before, during and after the purchase. Siru and the staff are able to offer customers the full professionalism they need during the sales process, providing services to meet any requirements and a full and wide range of lamps. One of the peculiarities of Siru today is its ability to combine operational and contextual needs that are typical of a company with a natural tendency to see itself as a "research workshop" rather than industry in its usual sense. It is from this definition that Siru draws its tireless enthusiasm for research and experimentation.

Production process: Sand and minerals are our raw materials. We start by combining these elements to get glass and working metals to get the form. Our products are shaped like a stainless steel metal cage in which glass is blown. The production of blown glass follows ancient Murano glass-making techniques. The glass life cycle is long and complex. It consists of four different steps (mix preparation, melting, refining, cooling down to operating temperature) at which processing can begin. To obtain specific finishes, the glass can be inserted into a mold prior to blowing, which imprints a first finish. The glass is then blown into a steel cage where it shapes and shapes without encountering any mold resistance. The peculiarity of Siru products is the presence of a metal cage that replaces the mold. The blown glass in the steel frame actually swells and shapes itself to the desired shape. Upon completion of this process, the handicraft is put into a tempering state which allows it to cool gradually, preventing breakage and providing greater strength to the glass. Only after the glass has cooled down, you can proceed to the next processes: cutting, grinding and drilling, depending on your needs. The blown glass in a steel cage is therefore ready to be assembled with other elements. Siru's strength lies in the ability to preserve techniques and artistic traditions, combining them with state-of-the-art production. Over the years, Siru has actually equipped its production line with the most innovative and technologically advanced welding robots, three-dimensional bending and polishing tanks, making the product extremely reliable.

Our success: Siru's success is mainly due to its well-established experience , intensive research and development, foreign trade network, international end markets. Our worldwide sales network rewards products for absolute availability and availability from both end customers and interior designers. To meet the needs of a huge clientele, Siru has recently completely renewed its website where you can find out about the latest news and stay connected. Siru is also available on all major social networks where a professional team is always ready to answer the requests of anyone interested in discovering the Siru world.

Our values: Siru Srl stands for quality and aesthetic beauty for both interiors as well as external arrangements. Each element is manufactured in a highly skilled and specialized production process: from design to final product quality assurance testing. Over the years, we have made significant investments in the automation process, which prompted the company to increase the production volume in relation to the competition and always propose innovative products. Siru's versatile and customer-focused way of working has been rewarded with high customer loyalty, also thanks to special tailored services, such as a completely efficient after-sales service. The commitment of our sales network, which we treat as part of the company, is enormous.

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