Inspired by Sixay Furniture

Sixay is an international furniture brand known for its excellent design, unique style, perfect ergonomics and durability of its elements. Our assortment, consisting of chairs, stools, tables, beds and various other elements designed for life, is handcrafted by highly qualified carpenters who carry out their profession with dedication and precision. It is the characteristic and delicate shapes, ergonomic design, careful selection of materials and the highest quality of workmanship that distinguish our furniture. The hardwood species used are beech, core beech, maple, oak, ash, cherry, pear, walnut, black walnut and plum. The oiled and waxed finish makes it feel warm and silky to the touch. Needless to say, we only use completely natural materials for the finish. Options for personalizing and further enhancing the beauty of our furniture include versions upholstered in leather or natural linoleum and glass inlays. We believe that the home is a reflection of their personality. What story does your interior tell about you?
Handcrafted hardwood furniture of the highest quality with a timeless design. Ergonomically shaped for perfect comfort, beautifully designed to make your heart miss a beat.

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