Inspired by Skargaarden

Skargaarden designs and manufactures Scandinavian leisure furniture, with an uncompromising attention to detail and quality, durable enough to withstand outdoor use (and we are talking about Scandinavian outdoor use) and stylish, sublime even, enough to be placed indoors as well. We make furniture and interior accessories for precious moments when all obligations have been settled. When you have time to do what you feel like doing; read a book, have dinner with friends - or just do nothing.
Tough enough to withstand outdoor use (we are talking about Scandinavian outdoor use) and stylish, sublime even, enough to be placed indoors as well . & lt; br / & gt; We come from Gävle, which most of you have not heard of. It is a small town on the Baltic coast. Some of the nearby places are beautiful enough to knock you off your feet. The Arctic Circle is only a few hours away. People have been fishing here for hundreds of years. Some still do. It is windy and hard. It snows in winter and it rains in autumn. And it's dark most of the year. If you drew a straight line to the east, you would end up in Siberia. Gävle is known for several things and garden furniture is not one for obvious reasons. Light and heat are scarce resources. Can you imagine the value of the hour of sunshine in this place? That was a rhetorical question. No, you can't unless you were born here. We create our furniture for these precious moments; for the short Swedish years. We cannot compromise because every second counts. We create furniture that can withstand whatever nature throws at it. If they are good here, they are good wherever they stop.
We like to think of ourselves as part of a truly Scandinavian tradition. On the other hand, we are inspired by everything from early American shakers to the Bauhaus. We believe that less really is more. We make ideas tangible. You should be able to grasp the concept of the piece immediately , it shouldn't be an intellectual process. Of course, there is a risk of becoming either pretentious or boring, probably both, unless something is added to it. Our furniture exudes a freedom that is almost provocative (and even carefree) and a character that defines pure craftsmanship in the production and selection of materials. And perhaps the most obvious: details that reveal themselves over time; ingenious solutions that elevate simplicity to something sublime. No fuss, no frills. Just less becomes even more.

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