Inspired by Smart And Green

Smart and Green is a French company that designs and manufactures cordless and rechargeable lamps that can illuminate gardens, decorate swimming pools, or anywhere in the home. These are wireless lamps that, depending on the needs, can be moved in any room of the house and can be controlled without a remote control, but using a smartphone or tablet. Smart and Green, with the new Bluetooth Smartmesh technology, has reinvented the way of light management with the aim of changing the way the public space or the surroundings of the home are perceived.
Whether for professional or home use, the wide range of Smart products and accessories and Green adapt to all needs to blend in with any environment: table lamps or floats, ice buckets, flower pots and bright furniture, divided into two collections: Original and French Connection. Unbreakable and waterproof, they are the perfect decoration for terraces, gardens and swimming pools.
Not only does Bluetooth Mesh technology allow you to control a large number of lights over long distances, it is the first in the world to offer a new range of functions, freeing the lamp from wires and controlling it with ease using sustainable LED lighting solutions and recyclable materials. Bluetooth Smartmesh technology, exclusive to Smart and Green, allows information to be exchanged remotely using radio waves to simplify the connection between devices by completely eliminating cables. In addition, this new technology uses ten times less than classic Bluetooth, and thanks to the PIN code it allows you to safely connect devices. This allows the lamps to communicate with each other by changing their intensity or color, creating a network of over 50 lamps up to 1 km away.

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