Inspired by Society Limonta

Society Limonta is an Italian brand that equips the home with textiles made of various materials and bright colors full of style and character. Established in 2000 by the Limonta Group, the brand has revolutionized the concept of home linen thanks to its rich offer, which, like the world of fashion, is renewed every year by two collections to bring a touch of luxury and novelty to the bedroom, bathroom and table. Society Limonta's product quality standards are unique thanks to the use of the best materials and the most innovative production technologies. Production is entirely in-house. The supply chain is not only "Made in Italy" but "Made in Limonta", which guarantees better control over the entire cycle, from yarn selection to loom construction and adjustment. The company looks to the future, but reinterprets its history, tradition and craftsmanship in an innovative way. The creative department maintains a very extensive textile archive with over 15,000 jacquard patterns produced from the end of the 20th century to the present day and over 100,000 patterns for printing on fabrics. These are the starting points for the Limonta Society and the main sources of inspiration to interpret, innovate and translate into new and current ideas related to furniture and fashion trends. The brand also revives old fabrics such as abaca, a very durable natural fiber. The range of production includes bed and bath linen, dining textiles and a unique collection of ceramics for the kitchen and table.

The creation of Society Limonta fabric begins with a creative process, which then becomes a reality by processing the finest yarns on a loom , calibrated for various weaves of linen, cotton, silk, wool, cashmere. The possibilities for experimenting with new and innovative combinations are endless . The final phase of the production cycle is dyeing, a sophisticated process that produces unique fabrics with intriguing nuances. The color added to the finished product not only adds fluffiness and softness to the material, but also creates shades of tone to tone as the dye is absorbed by the fibers in different ways. Always on the lookout for creative tips and new color choices, Society Limonta also experiments with discoloration, a technique that applies color to already printed fabrics to create new color variations and contrasts. Together with the textile collections, the Oltre Society - Design Collection complements the lifestyle of the Limonta Society. The collection is dedicated to experimenting and developing new products, designed by an internal creative team or by external artists and designers.

Textile culture and society The history of Limonta Limonta is a prestigious company founded in 1893 in Costa Masnaga near Lecco, especially lively the lively textile-producing district. The company has developed into one of the most renowned groups in the industry and is now a leader in the apparel and interior design industry. Over the years, the company's experience has ensured that traditional figures such as weaver, weaver and weaver were preserved. The company is also prone to innovation, maintaining strong relationships with young designer talents and collaborating with universities such as Politecnico di Milano.

The company's creative process is based on the concept of a "collective" as the brand name suggests . Instead of identifying a brand with a single personality, the Limonta Society focuses on teamwork, building a community of creators who bring surprising contributions and new ideas.

The Limonta Society is present not only in Italy, but also abroad. Shops in London, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, New York and Los Angeles are adjacent to flagship stores in Milan, Rome and Lecce. Each store, designed under the direction of the architect Ferruccio Laviani, expresses the company's philosophy through the skilful use of materials, colors and fabrics. Electricity is produced by the company in-house thanks to highly efficient photovoltaic and thermal systems and ensures energy recovery with an efficiency of almost 100%. All production processes, including dyeing, comply with the strictest regulations to ensure the protection of human health and the environment.

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