Inspired by Solaris Tende

Solaris Tende designs and manufactures textile architecture as well as internal and external roller blinds. In recent years, we have contributed to the development of technical fabrics that meet specific needs, such as protection against excessive light and heat, optimizing the acoustic comfort of buildings, improving safety conditions, as well as the ease of use and adaptability of systems through home automation for each potential use scenario.
Our products are specially designed, personalized and often custom designed to fully meet the needs of the most innovative projects. Panel blinds, draped curtains, double fabric with variable lighting, zebra blinds are designed to guarantee not only the perfect integration with the interior design, but on the one hand they offer the best light, thermal and acoustic comfort, and on the other hand, the best privacy and user-friendly conditions. Our outdoor blinds and curtains such as sunshades, facade awnings, front awnings and roof window awnings or awnings are designed to guarantee durability and long-term resistance to weather conditions (sun, wind, snow, UV rays) and our application products architectural. building design for integration. Particular attention is paid to the latest sustainability protocols such as LEED and ITACA.

Our textile façades are innovative and often integrated with awnings or external blinds. These elements are typically created early in the design of a conceptual shell design. Some architects, such as Renzo Piano, have made them a fundamental element. Textile facades add value to the design and can be integrated not only with blinds but also with decorations, digital prints and lettering designs, nice LED lighting

Whether it's a conference hall, concert hall, gym , exhibition space or other exhibition areas, our movable textile walls allow you to reduce or divide the space for more flexible use. Our textile walls can be designed to improve acoustics, for example with high sound absorption or corresponding soundproof curtains or curtains for moving textile walls, to provide the right solution and acoustic effect at the highest level.

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