Inspired by Piet Boon

Studio Piet Boon creates contemporary architecture, interiors and product designs to order. Known internationally for exceptional craftsmanship, quality and vision, Studio Piet Boon creates a distinctive design with refined sophistication. Piet Boon (1958) founded the company in 1983. The Piet Boon studio initially started out as a small design studio in the traditional village of Oostzaan near Amsterdam and specialized in designing bespoke houses. In 1986 Karin Meyn joined the company as Creative Director for Interior and Styling. Karin and Piet together lead and inspire a sizeable, dynamic and creative international team of experienced professional designers, architects and stylists. Over the years, the company has grown into a globally operating design studio and since its inception, it has acquired an impressive portfolio of private, corporate, hospitality, residential and business clients. Since 2005, Studio Piet Boon has been creating an exclusive collection of luxury furniture and designing a wide range of interior materials such as flooring, hardware, lighting and tableware. The latest addition is the Piet Boon Kitchens. True to our roots, our design studio and global headquarters are located in the Amsterdam area. It is also the home of our flagship showroom where our guests can appreciate the unique brand experience, a holistic interior concept, exterior design including kitchen, furniture and styling concepts.

Brand personality Always striving for excitement or inspiration - in a way that goes beyond what our customers wanted. At Studio Piet Boon, we pride ourselves on what we do, simply because there is nothing more satisfying than a satisfied customer as a result of a project we have completed as a team. We are a highly qualified, talented and motivated team; we like to be well prepared and aware - and with a real understanding of the context in which we are working. Thanks to our curious and inquiring approach, we really get to know our clients - and also discover the essence of their brief. This is the only way to really add optimal value to any project. We have the courage to be different, to push boundaries and set new standards to achieve excellence. We challenge ourselves to keep an open mind and stimulate new perspectives. We clearly prefer sophisticated design and timelessness - clean, authentic materials and solutions that make a lasting impact. We love to positively impact everyone's life and well-being, passionately creating everyday spaces and products into rewarding, one-of-a-kind design experiences. Quality has always been and always will be in our work.

Design philosophy Our philosophy is based on a balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. Ingredients that define the Studio Piet Boon experience. Suitable for any discipline, applicable to any industry. Functionality is still the starting point for everything we do today. With our roots in craftsmanship and construction, our highly skilled designers seamlessly blend common sense and proportion into any design. By shaping the form and defining the style, intuition is added to the deep craftsmanship. The aesthetics of our projects result from knowledge and intuition. The refined taste combines composition and emotions, which makes it difficult to rationalize. In addition to instinct, much attention is paid to creating the right combinations that are subtly executed throughout the design process. Communicating a well thought out yet discreet style that feels natural and effortless is a key element of the initial vision we shape. A good project is about creating beautiful solutions; mastering thoughtful combinations of functions and aesthetics. The design experience of Studio Piet Boon includes one more essential ingredient: individuality. A deep understanding of our clients' lifestyle, values and environment allows us to breathe life into any bespoke project, shaping its unique identity. Adding a sense of belonging that increases personal meaning and value.

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