Inspired by Sundar Italia

Sundar Italia has transformed many years of experience in tree nursery into a non-traditional activity with the primary focus of vertical gardening. With more than 10 years in business in 13 countries and more than 400 vertical gardens installed, Sundar Italia is a leading Italian company in the design and construction of living interior and exterior walls.

Make your surroundings more beautiful and comfortable

Sundar Italia works It's hard to improve the places where people spend their daily lives - homes, restaurants and offices - to be filled with beauty and tranquility. When deciding to install a vertical garden, you should:


There are two main reasons why people choose to install a vertical garden: because of its beauty and expressiveness. In addition to being very aesthetic, the garden is an important means of communication that tells the world that your business or company cares about environmental sustainability.


The installation of a vertical garden will radically improve the comfort of your space. In fact, the felt wall unit guarantees extraordinary sound insulation and regulates the humidity.


A living exterior wall clearly reduces heat dissipation from the wall on which it is installed, saving on heating and cooling costs indoors. Vertical outdoor gardens also guarantee a constant temperature reduction in the area.


In an urban context, an outdoor vertical garden can become an ecological niche in which small birds and insects can find shelter without damaging the wall vegetation in any way.

As we all know, plants take up carbon dioxide (CO2) and give off oxygen (H2O). They also have the unique ability to reduce harmful chemicals and fine particles present in the air. With its high plant density per square meter, the vertical garden is truly an air purifier that helps us breathe more easily.


It has been scientifically proven that contact with plants correlates with the reduction of stress and, consequently, an increase in well-being and productivity.

Thicker, more lush vertical gardens
Sundar Italia living walls are designed to accommodate more plants

in some cases up to 80-90 plants per square meter compared to a maximum of 40-50 plants that a traditional planted wall can accommodate. Aesthetically, this means a prettier, thicker, more lush wall.

Botanical compositions that are unique and durable

From a botanical point of view, a successful combination of different plant species that can thrive close itself is not obvious. Over the years, Sundar has invested a great deal of energy in identifying botanical compositions that are both beautiful and durable over time, even as local climatic conditions change, both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to this experience, we have created gardens that are always richer in terms of plant varieties and colors, while guaranteeing the stability and durability of our completely independent botanical compositions. Each garden has automatic fertilization / irrigation and lighting controls. They are connected to our garden control network via Wi-Fi to keep us informed of any potential problems that may affect plant health. Monitoring includes humidity and temperature, fertilization and irrigation flow, electrical and water systems, and wireless connectivity.

From design to finished garden

Every Vertical Garden starts with a thoughtful dialogue between Sundar and a client / designer, thanks to which we can create gardens that are truly unique and very individual. Our technicians use the information gathered during this dialogue to design the structure, and our botanists to sketch the first concept that is synthesized in a basic sketch, a graphic representation of a plant composition where each color is associated with one or more plant species (mixture). After the customer approves the aesthetic results, the walls will be built and planted in the nursery and erected in the second phase after the wall frame has been installed. This way of working means that Vertical Garden will immediately achieve the full effect and optimal aesthetic results, without having to wait for the plant to grow.

Flexible logistics

The modular Sundar system allows you to manage deliveries on throughout Italy and at home in many countries abroad. In fact, the Garden is disassembled into individual panels that can be packed and shipped directly to the installation site by land, air or sea - Customer Service. At the end of the warranty period, customers can choose from a variety of maintenance solutions for their garden, including individual services or comprehensive service packages with 2-3 scheduled interventions per year. As always, prices are affordable and appropriate to the type of procedure required.

Environmental Awareness

Since its inception, Sundar Italia has always been particularly sensitive to environmental issues. We have been a certified Zero Carbon Footprint company since 2013, which means that the carbon emitted into the atmosphere during the construction of a vertical garden is balanced by absorbing CO2 and reducing energy consumption during the garden's life cycle.

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