Inspired by Emanuel Gargano

With his collection of lights, Emanuel Gargano with great skill managed to combine the nature and culture of his homeland, Assisi, the main source of inspiration in the implementation of this project. In this way, he realized light objects, not lamps, as a result of his architectural vision and design experience, in which the light element has always played a functional and decisive role in the modulation of space. The leitmotif of the entire collection is an attempt not to illuminate with artificial light, but to soften the shadow or brighten the darkness. For this reason, the light emanating from these creations seems to come from the darkness like a glow, as if it highlights and amplifies the original forms that produce them. Handcrafted and molded materials seem to want to tiptoe out and illuminate a blurry memory of the past, manifesting the need to tell your story by lighting up.
What guided the designer to implement this project was also the need to move towards responsible design, which deals with environmental problems and material recovery.

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