Inspired by Scrigno

The happy Scrigno trend started in 1989 when Giuseppe Berardi, owner of a carpentry shop, invented sliding pocket doors. Until then, sliding doors were attached to visible external rails, thanks to the system perfected by Giuseppe Berardi, they blend into the walls, freeing space and becoming invisible. Today, Scrigno is a holding company with branches in France, Spain and the Czech Republic and is the undisputed leader in the production of rear sliding door and window frames. The frame of the counter consists of a metal trough with a trolley integrated in the wall. Certified product quality, 100% made in Italy, and continuous innovation developed in the R&D department are the basis of the company's success, thanks to which the Scrigno brand has become synonymous with pocket sliding doors. In addition to internal and external frames, Scrigno offers a range of sliding doors, revolving doors and heavy duty armored doors.

Thanks to the constant dialogue with designers and architects and attention to the constantly changing market needs, Scrigno successfully continues its mission, which from the beginning is to offer first-class door opening systems that are able to combine the comfort and quality of home improvement. The company, which has been part of the Clessidra sgr group since 2008, is based in Sant'Ermete, the village of Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rimini).

Scrigno counter frames, modular systems for hidden sliding doors The catalog of counter frames is basically divided into 2 lines and a range specially designed for the shipbuilding industry, Doortech. Scrigno meter frames are protected against corrosion for life thanks to Aluzinc, a virtually indestructible galvanized aluminum sheet. In addition, the sliding system is covered by a 20-year warranty against the breakage of the trolley assembly and the anodized aluminum rail. The Scrigno Gold collection is the ancestral line of Scrigno products. Some models can be customized and fitted with accessories such as Slow Scrigno Slow and the Slow Glass Coffin that allow the door to close slowly. Scrigno Open allows you to automatically open and close the door, and the innovative Acoustic Solution soundproofing system guarantees a high level of comfort in the simplest, but also the most customizable model. Scrigno Gold Base Doppio consists of a system of two sets of drawers that allow two opposite sliding doors to disappear. Scrigno Granluce allows the installation of sliding doors to illuminate the aisle up to 480 cm, thanks to a drawer that holds two parallel sliding doors and a sliding system for overlapping and pulling the door. From the development of Base and Granluce comes Remix, Scrigno's exclusive patent for the installation of a single container, the thickness of which is reduced to a minimum, allowing two glass doors to slide and pull to overlap each other. The Gold Base line also includes door frames with special closures, such as Applauso for folding doors, Armonico for L-shaped doors, Vario for low doors, Contatto for the hatch and Orbitals for sliding doors with curved louvers.

The Essential Collection, with an exclusive Scrigno patent, is a line of sliding and folding solutions with a minimalist feel, eliminating posts and overlays. The Essential Scorrevole is the line's entry-level subframe, available in single or twin versions and as Essential Pro versions, equipped with the Scrigno Open kit for automation. Essential Dual, available only in a version with a roller shutter for brick walls, allows the installation of two retractable glass doors in one box, connected to each other by a drag-and-drop system, and allows you to cover the double light passage. The Essential Trial, born of a constant search for innovation, is a synthesis of the Essential and Essential Dual models and allows the sliding of three glass doors.

Sliding, hinged and flush armored doors In addition to the approximately 400,000 internal and external frames produced each year, the company produces a number of sliding, hinged and armored doors. The Essential Battente line includes a series of flush-mounted swing doors, equipped with folding hinges, without crampons and frames that blend in perfectly with the walls. The non-intersecting version allows the door height to be extended to the entire wall. The door panels can be painted, varnished or wallpapered, even with different finishes on each side.

The Essential Battente Vetro Mirr model has a 5 cm thick glass panel available in different finishes: clear, acidic, smoky gray, transparent , smoky reflective and lacquered in a retro style. This model offers sophisticated solutions with a strong aesthetic impact that can enhance any environment.

The Comfort door collection is available in the Prima version with smooth and sound doors, decorated with two horizontal satin steel inserts. Available in white, rosewood, white veined, oak and anthracite. The Trésor door collection, available in plain Pure and Linea doors with two horizontally milled lines, offers great personalization possibilities thanks to the full range of RAL colors. Both Comfort and Trésor fit all Scrigno frames in the Gold and Essential series, come in sliding and hinge models, and can be fitted with a wide range of handles and locks.

Between armored doors and entrance doors, in addition to the classic lines Marostica and Miramare and the modern lines Aragona, Sismondo and Estense, just to name a few, the Windsor armored doors presented in 2020 stand out. Bold and original Windsor opens with a flush sash system and is characterized by high thermo-acoustic and safety parameters.

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