Inspired by Swedish Ninja

The Swedish Ninja was created with the thought that traditional Scandinavian design could be realized with unexpected expression.

Our Designers share the same vision and a unique perception of expressing themselves more fully through their work. We seek and value a strong personality. Thus, we ensure that the design and function of our products are imbued with surprise.

A wonderful design stays in your memory. You can't help wondering and hovering around the song and how you want to use it. Our designs have this heart and we want you to love them all your life. To make that happen, we assure you that the Swedish Ninja creates bold and functional designs that connect.

Express yourself more fully with the Swedish Ninja.

In 2016, after 10 years in the design industry, Maria Gustavsson, Ninja's boss and founder, decided it was time for Swedish Ninja to go into production and become a brand. It's time to make furniture the Ninja way. The all-new collection combines Maria's design with exciting new collaborative projects. All products have a strong identity.

The name of the company was inspired by a friend from Australia who used to call Maria "the Swedish ninja". This was at the time when she was studying industrial design in Australia.

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