Inspired by Zafferano Lampes À Porter

Light is poetry and emotion: why not take it with you to every room and place?
A portable and rechargeable lamp is not only a modern trend, but also an item that allows you to move and live with more freedom, intensity and fulfillment. Following this philosophy, Federico de Majo created "Zafferano Lampes-à-porter", a collection of innovative portable LED luminaires for the home and public spaces.

Zafferano Lampes-a-porter: Portable lamps, battery-operated lamps Touch-Control zafferano are functional and cordless, combining practicality with elegant, unambiguous design. These "nomadic" light sources, placed inside or outside as needed, are an alternative to dynamically illuminate any activity and every moment of the day. They create the perfect atmosphere at the restaurant table, light up dinner on the terrace or have a romantic picnic, and allow you to read under the stars ... wherever you want!
The first Poldina table lamp, available in different variants and sizes, quickly led to a wide range of new versions: a wide range is available, which varies according to the application areas, providing all the functions offered by the new technology. With such a diverse collection, Zafferano is now recognized as a specialist in this new sector of lighting design. If you are looking for a portable lamp ... Zafferano look!
"zafferano Lampes-a-porter" is a trademark of Zafferano Srl, founded in 2001 by the Venetian designer Federico de Majo with the aim of decorating and adapting living spaces, fully expressing the functionality and aesthetics of Italian design.

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