Inspired by Takeda Design Project

Takeda is a desktop accessory manufacturing company based in Tsubame-Sanjyo, Niigata, one of the major cities in Japan, specializing in metalworking. Takeda strives to keep pace with the development and technology of the industrial sector, introducing machines and newer and more sophisticated equipment to implement advanced and technological processes and adapt to changing market needs.

Takeda Design Project Takeda has launched "Takeda Design Project ”in order to design new products in the collection in cooperation with designers. Designer Michio Akita uses Takeda's experience in metalworking and takes this design to the next level to create a new all-metal product.

Together with young talents, the mission is to create a shiny and sophisticated product that perfectly blends in with everyday life.

Takeda Design Project currently produces products in the Desk Accessories category.

Takeda products are entirely hand-crafted, the cutting process is performed by the company Takeda, with the sheet metal working and polishing done by local craftsmen from Tsubamesanjo.

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