Inspired by Tendagi

Tendagi® is a Made in Italy brand dedicated to the design and production of personalized interior curtains that can be customized with a variety of fixing solutions, a registered trademark of I SOGNI, a laboratory specialized in the production of interior curtains, curtains with rails and panels specialized in curtains and curtain fabrics based in Valpolicella, Verona.

Tendagi® production The company expresses all its professionalism through the Tendagi® brand, thanks to a fully artisanal laboratory with decades of experience in the field of tailor-made interior curtains. Thanks to the contribution of a new generation of employees, the Tendagi® project has seen the light of day. The brand wants to be a benchmark in the field of curtain packaging. Thorough research of the industry and analysis of existing products allowed for the creation of an entire collection consisting of more than 60 packages of curtains. The search for national and international textile partnerships contributes optimally to the brand's product quality standard. A highly competitive sales concept aimed at demanding and qualified customers. The production of the Tendagi® brand is complete and includes all technologies currently required by the market: decorative curtains, Roman blinds and classic curtains. All products can be configured with both technical and decorative fabrics, and service systems of high quality, style and raw materials, thus guaranteeing a serious, efficient and timely relationship , based on reliable service and specialized offer. Each Tendagi® product is designed to equip contemporary living spaces in accordance with the classic and modern lifestyle and technically comply with the strict canons of current European regulations.

Tendagi® goals One of the goals of Tendagi® is to expand the meaning of the atmosphere that can be created by carefully examining the appropriate curtains in the field of interior design. By combining the model of the curtain packaging with the most appropriate color and fabric pattern and with the selection of a mounting system aimed at emphasizing each environment, a unique product is created, always in line with current trends and offering comprehensive, always present and effective service guaranteed.

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