Inspired by Tender Rain

Tender rain® is based in Northeast Piedmont and is an innovative company in the shower industry.
Over the years, it has developed pioneering technologies, extensive experience, continuous research and modern machinery.
These features help to finalize important projects and combine technological know-how with revolutionary design.
Patented minimalistic solutions
tender rain® are entirely manufactured in Italy using a patented construction system that offers unique technical advantages. We were the first on the market to introduce amazingly thick shower heads.
Thanks to our shower systems, the atmosphere in the bathrooms not only gains elegance, innovation and prestige, but also becomes an indispensable private pleasure.
Technological creativity
tender rain® operates in a technological creative atmosphere to ensure full customer satisfaction. Our forward-looking vision has led to a total commitment to accuracy in terms of quality, innovation and aesthetics.
Our pioneering shower solutions play an important role on the international scene and help spread the influence of Italian design.
The company guarantees: only Italian and Northern European raw materials, production processes are not outsourced, internal use of efficient and modern machines and tools made of natural diamond, continuous industrial development with a bit of craftsmanship, which makes the products completely unique.
Sustainable health
Our corporate ethics is based on total respect for the natural heritage and aims to produce solutions capable of achieving ecological goals: saving water and energy, certified raw materials, uniform soft rain® effect for an amazing massage.
Our high-quality showers represent your personal SPA solution, salus per aquam, meaning well-being thanks to water.

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