Inspired by Terraforma

Terraforma is an Italian company specializing in the design and production of garden furniture, offering an innovative perspective on the international outdoor market. A surprising proposal with a structured and unparalleled vision of communication, in which a single product is improved and consolidated over time.

Attention to detail, care for the environment, relationship with the territory and formal innovation in search of comfort are among the priorities, on which the development of the proposed collections is based.

Every decision in Terraform is a conscious decision. The choice of materials, finishes, assembly systems and logistics follows a careful analysis of the life cycle of each element in the production chain. A process to maximize industrial efforts while respecting our planet and the environment we live in in the field of coatings, with strong expertise in the outdoor sector. As a consequence, the values that enabled it to grow rapidly are spontaneously transferred to this ambitious business project aimed at transferring a new way of living outdoors.

The first proposed product collections are signed by studioPANG, which also corresponds to for creating a brand with a recognizable identity and adhering to its artistic direction. It is also an enduring partnership that is already strong and close and has been built over years of working together as Déco grows.

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