Inspired by Tirolo

TIROLO is a leading company in the furniture industry born of a passion for our territory, for wood and its history.

Founded and developed in the heart of Italy's most important chair district, Manzano, it represents tradition and know-how from region. Here wood and furniture represent history, culture and passion.

Established over 30 years ago, the company stands for high quality, reliability, durability and passion for our customers.

Love for Italian The tradition and desire to spread Made in Italy around the world has inspired us to create chairs and tables that best represent our essence.

Born as a family business, our values are absolute product quality, attention to detail, continuous research and material testing and customer satisfaction.

The use of solid wood is an added value and an essential feature of our products. The wood is carefully selected to show the best grains and the most beautiful knots.

Likewise, TIROLO has high qualifications and competences in the world of upholstery. The interior upholstery department allows this company to create masterpieces by experimenting and constantly searching for innovative materials and finishes.

TIROLO embodies and transmits through its products the culture of production, a sense of harmony and comfort, the Italian tradition of wood and inspiration with the best European design.

When implementing its products, TIROLO can rely on an excellent organizational structure. It covers all phases of the production process. The added value and distinguishing feature are the in-house carpentry, painting, upholstery and packaging departments.

The vertical scope of production and cooperation with the most experienced realities in our region allows us to be flexible, dynamic and always meet the requirements of orders all over the world. We work with international studios and designers to equip the most exclusive locations around the world. Our products are ideal solutions for luxury hotels, offices and restaurants

A special production department is also a fundamental part of the TIROLO reality. Starting from simple personalization of products from the catalog, with a choice of over 12 colors of wood and a wide range of fabrics, to the creation of products specially designed for the client.

Flexibility, listening to the needs of customers and the desire to create unique products in terms of quality and design, they are an integral part of our existence and our everyday work.

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