Inspired by Tis

TIS is a world leader, part of the Extravega Group, providing solutions for the largest international architectural companies since 1985. It specializes in the design and production of contemporary workplace systems.

TIS clients are international real estate companies, developers and companies with shared offices.

The company provides architects and designers with "white book "to express your creativity in the flexibility of products and tailor-made solutions.

TIS: 100% Made in Italy

The company's success is a perfect combination of design, technology and services with very high production volumes developed in a short time.

Headquartered in New York, the R&D and production department are 100% Made in Italy. TIS is present in the market with a growing network of agents and distributors in the main territories of the world. The goal is to become a leader in the best "well-being" in the workplace and the widest possible customer satisfaction.

TIS Business Areas

TIS offers full support to the design needs of architects and designers . His 30-year culture has taught him to pay equal attention to the different moments of a design, from concept to production and installation. TIS always tries its best to meet the perfect customer expectations.

TIS has the right solution for every type of complexity and budget of a project: with a series of standard products through its departments such as Tis Space for partition wall systems, Tis Sound for soundproofing panels, Tis Stage for furniture and accessories, Tis Screen for video communication and Tis style for custom Workplace solutions Use of recyclable materials for metal, glass, wooden components and packaging.

TIS it also examines the ease of separating any material at the end of its life cycle. The entire range of TIS wall systems is CE marked in accordance with Directive 89/106 / CE.

Finally, quality is a key element in the daily behavior of TIS employees. The company is working on a better future for the company and the whole world.

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