Inspired by Toncelli

Tocelli is an Italian company specializing in modular kitchens. Tocelli's homeland is Tuscany, the land from which the Renaissance was born: the focus on people is part of her DNA. At Tocelli, design is culture: respect for people becomes a kitchen worth living in, steeped in warmth that only Tuscan craftsmanship can offer.

In 1960, Fernando Tocelli founded the company that bears his name. His dream? To bring the Tuscan know-how culture to the world - carpenters, craftsmen and saddlers - through a product that emphasizes man and his natural desire to share: the kitchen.

Tocelli, from traditional woodwork to contemporary "kitchen design" Yes a lot has changed in 60 years. Toncelli's passion for the beautiful Italian way of life has not changed - his relaxed refinement, spontaneous warmth and his ability to express emotions, warmth and share. And this, together with the know-how accumulated over six decades, advanced production and ever rarer and more sophisticated craftsmanship, is what Tocelli brings to today's world as it was then. To renew the promise of its founder. Careful selection and precise selection of materials characterize the Tocelli collections.

Thanks to cooperation with various partners, new graphics and innovative materials have been added to the collection. Cements, agglomerates of quartz resins and pressed stone slabs provide a unique and expressive effect.

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