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Tolix, whose history began in 1927, is a French company that manufactures metal furniture and accessories for indoor, outdoor and contract use. The brand has always strived to integrate craftsmanship, aesthetic sensitivity and the ability to interpret consumer needs. Its founder, Xavier Pauchard, was a craftsman who made household items out of steel. After several experiments in his workshop, he discovered that a metal could resist oxidation by immersing it in a bath of molten zinc. He then decided to go against the tide and use steel instead of wood to make furniture to anticipate the upcoming trends. In the 1930s, the modernist movement chose steel as the material that best represents rationalist aesthetics. It was the beginning of a success story that made Tolix one of the leading brands in the field of industrial design. The iconic Chaise A, one of the company's most iconic products, is on display in the permanent collections of the Center Pompidou, MoMA and Vitra Museum. Tolix metal furniture, born more than 80 years ago, is now more relevant than ever.

Chaise A and other Tolix icons Thanks to the electroplating process, Xavier Pauchard created anti-oxidation, light and strong metal furniture: chairs, stools, armchairs , office cabinets and chests of drawers for hospitals, schools, factories, offices and communities. Chaise A brought worldwide success, selected to equip the bridges of the Normandy cruise ship in 1935 and presented at the World Fair in Paris in 1937. In addition to being lightweight and durable, it can be stacked up to 25 pieces to save storage space. Thanks to these properties, in the post-war period, it became the epitome of a Parisian cafe chair.

At the same time, Tolix produced variations of the chair with armrests (C Chair, D Chair and AC Chair), a larger seat and products for the Canadian market. Another element dedicated to the history of design was the Tabouret H stool, similar in shape to the A chairs. Designed for street cafes, it can be stacked up to 8 elements. It is available in many variants - with high or low backrest, armrests and 8 different heights. The 1937 T37 chair made of painted steel tubing with a classic shape and a more modern design has the same technical parameters as other chairs and is one of the best-selling companies.

Tolix also produces warehouse furniture for offices and municipalities . For example, Cabinet B has become one of the symbols of the industrial style, combining lightness, durability and the necessary aesthetics with functionality and modularity.

is available in various heights, colors and sizes. These features make it up-to-date and herald its success.

Tolix metal furniture: new editions and new collections The glorious history of Tolix went through a moment of crisis in 2000. The company, which had always been family-owned, was taken over by Chantal Andriot, who was employed by the company as an administrator. The company's revival began with the revival of its classics and cooperation with renowned designers. The new owner, a lover of painting and color, decided to publish the entire catalog with a wide range of colors, from classic to modern. The paintwork has also been completely renewed with matte, glossy and matte fabric paints, which are also suitable for the interior. Finally, the iconic pieces have been re-launched with perforated metal.

The original collections in a modern style are the result of a new collaboration with renowned designers. Pauline Deltour designed a collection of PATIO garden furniture with a thin tubular metal structure and a metal seat and backrest in a compact and slat version. The line includes garden chairs, deckchairs and coffee tables. Frédéric Garnet designed a futuristic bookcase: the MONO CYLINDER, consisting of a rotating cylinder, also available in a two-cylinder version, and a double-sided bookcase, which also serves as a stool at three different heights (MT500, MT750 and MT1335). Normal Studio has designed very light and minimalist steel POP shelves that can be mounted with screws. Eventually, Tolix also started using materials like marble to re-issue TavoloG

Wood used to make some furniture pieces such as cupboard handles and table legs

and technical fabrics outdoor furniture for the AZUR garden bed.

Tolix children's furniture and accessories After the company's recovery, Tolix also introduced children's furniture and accessories designed by Normal Studio based on the lovely Mouette chair, which Xavier Pauchard made for his own children. It is a miniature version of Chaise C, now available in 30 color variations of the Tolix palette. The children's collection includes a new edition of the H stool with a height of only 30 cm, also available in perforated metal, the RHINO desk to match the CROCODILE bench and TORTUE cabinet, accessories and extras such as ingenious metal telescopic shelves designed by Sebastian Bergne - made of two parts in a variety of colors that can be squeezed into each other. Bergne also designed the FAMILY TREE line for the entrance area, consisting of an umbrella and a clothes rack. Kilian Schindler designed the MIROIR G16 mirror, the TOLIX TIME clock and the nail-shaped CLOUS roof hooks. Classic TOLIX chairs and stools are now available with leather cushions for indoor use or technical fabric for outdoor use online store. Get the famous Chaise A chair, a true design icon and the latest accessories to meet all your needs.

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