Inspired by Tonelli Design

Tonelli Design produces glass fittings and accessories. The company was founded in the mid-1980s and is the result of a deep and enduring passion for research and experimentation. Tradition and technology have been combined to shape the company's philosophy, at the heart of which is the value attached to design, and thus the designer to highlight the characteristics of this unique element: glass.

Tonelli's tradition

Resilient, ecological and fascinating glass has been part of human history for over five thousand years, a heritage that Tonelli inherited and reinterpreted in a contemporary style, making it the hero of today's furniture. The company actually drew on the ancient Italian glass tradition, an artistic and cultural heritage of inestimable value, which Tonelli preserves and guards to this day, entrusting the complex production of glass to the hands of skilled craftsmen.

Glass production

More liquid than solid: it is glass .

In fact, the physical structure has more similarities to the molecular structure of a liquid than does the crystalline structure of solids. Only its distinguishing high viscosity prevents the particles from slipping on each other, as is the case in liquids. At elevated heat, unlike metals which melt or freeze at a given temperature, glass passes through various stages of plasticity, slowly softening until it becomes plastic and acquires the necessary properties to perform its function. Resistant, strong and therefore completely safe glass can be of various thicknesses, from a maximum of 12-15-20 mm for load-bearing structures to a minimum of 6-8-10 for table tops and doors.

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