Inspired by ManifestoDesign

TonucciManifestoDesign, working from design to production of high-class furniture and interiors, was born and developed thanks to the cooperation of several members of an Italian family, lovers of beauty and high-quality design. A complicity and sworn family created by Enrico Tonucci, a designer and businessman with a long and recognized history in designing, manufacturing and furnishing furniture, his wife Ilse Hilber - his inspirational muse for the tastes of Central Europe in raw and clean design, and their daughter Viola, active in design and image collaboration and Mascha, who manages customer relations around the world, Tonuccidesign Studio was founded in 1970 by Enrico Tonucci. Its name is the "Manifesto" of Tonuccidesign, which highlights the interior design, expressed in the combination of the creative and essential design of the European and North Italian Mediterranean regions. An exclusive aesthetic character that uses the careful selection and use of natural materials to promote in a concrete and tangible way a design culture in harmony with nature and man.

Tonucci Manifesto Design, Respect for nature and man

The production of furniture and interior fittings of this brand is carried out with the use of natural materials. Wood, leather, metal, fabric, glass and stone are treated as gently as possible with respect to nature and people. The company's mission is, in fact, to combine the design and production processes in order to create beauty and comfort, respecting the new sensitivity to the environment and caring for human well-being in private and public spaces.

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