Inspired by Toou

TOOU is not only a manufacturer of interior furnishings. It is the realization of utopias: ergonomic, accessible and versatile designs on everyday objects. Both inside and out, designed for singles and the community, with a cross-fit aesthetic that suits any lifestyle, Toou facilities are designed and built for each of us. Being a meeting place for European and Asian cultures, TOOU started in 2015 to create design objects that primarily involve people. Italy is the creative heart of TOOU, where designs take shape and the upholstery is made to measure after careful research of materials and color combinations. Our molds are then designed and mass-produced, using our well-established experience in the production of plastic products for prestigious partners in the furniture industry.

The production of TOOU molds is entrusted to a company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The quality of forms and finishes is the same as in the production of components for the automotive industry, which requires very high quality standards. Our overriding goal is to make each item as desirable, affordable and individual as possible, using a wide variety of materials, shapes and colors to transform a mass-produced product into a highly personal product. Our products are the physical implementation of strong, detailed ideas. Toou's goal is to create durable objects, both structurally and aesthetically, silhouettes and volumes that will become trusted companions in your own home landscape.

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