Inspired by Steininger

Martin Steininger's corporate identity can be explained in three words: clear, clean and purist. The brand is known for outstanding architectural and interior design concepts as well as conceptual designs and the creation of unique kitchens. Steininger combines international design with outstanding Austrian craftsmanship. Minimalism meets functionality - the company only uses high-quality materials such as wood, natural stone, aluminum and urban concrete.

Martin Steininger has long been known for his concrete kitchens. He took over the business from his grandfather in 1933, when it was still a small factory in St. Martin in Upper Austria. He managed to expand the company into what it is today: world-renowned custom kitchen production using the best and finest materials in the world. All concepts are thought out and perfected to perfection. We combine furniture from our own manufacture with high-quality designer brands. This allows for a unique combination of purist modernity, luxurious simplicity and functionality. With attention to detail and high quality standards, the company creates visionary concepts that are precisely tailored to the needs and requirements of customers. In addition to creating concepts and expert advice, Steininger also offers its customers shipping and assembly - all from a single source.

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