Inspired by Trackdesign

TrackDesign combines experience gained in the field of engineering with design. Our space is a place where engineers, architects and designers from all over Europe work in close synergy in the search for design solutions combining technology and aesthetics. With's creative and e-commerce site, a team of technicians chooses the best ideas for prototyping and online sales.

TrackDesign designers
Furniture made in our studio and sold on the TrackDesign platform allows our designers to receive a percentage of profit from the sale of their products. Our motto is "You design, we create!". We have a network of creative artists, technicians, engineers and production systems who offer to buy original, elegant and contemporary Made in Italy items and furniture.

Our network of designers and artists comes from all over Europe and is constantly evolving. We pride ourselves on outstanding skills, craftsmanship touch and the human factor. We love creating beautiful products and authentic works of art well-crafted.

TrackDesign: research and development
Technical consultancy of design professionals, 3D modeling specialists through advanced parametric design software and the development of ideas for making "special" steel objects are among our services . We create indoor and outdoor sets designed together with the client to meet the need to live in unique and tailored spaces.

The search for new design paradigms and new combinations for experimenting leads us to propose innovative furniture and product manufacturing. special steels that tell about the beauty and multifaceted potential of expressive metals. The possibility of combining various materials (metal, glass, wood, marble) allows us to implement entire and defined projects, taking care not only of the right choice of material, but of the entire project. We are always ready to fulfill every wish and face every new challenge thanks to our imagination, research and great creativity. Engineers and designers work together in a workshop with our experienced craftsmen, making continual improvements and intelligent solutions to meet customer needs. TrackDesign uses its full potential to combine numerical control machine and dedicated craftsman touch. The sustainability of production, the value of interpersonal relationships and the extensive body of our work have long led us to a permanent positive balance.

Sustainable production, the value of human resources and an extensive collection our work has long led us to a permanent positive balance.

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