Inspired by Loehr

Three brothers, one brand. Loehr furniture and objects are created in a constructive interplay of forces, surfaces and materials. Reduced to the essentials, they reveal in detail their radical nature and challenge the senses and perceptions. For people who change perspectives.

Loehr is a Berlin design brand founded by David, Leon and Julian Löhr. Her works are strongly inspired by architecture, have subdued, graphic forms and do not focus on any specific area. On the contrary, it suggests a kind of functional ambivalence that oscillates between the private and the public, which makes it especially predestined for threshold and transition spaces, reception areas, semi-public spaces or bars. The high-quality workmanship of the objects and their unique appearance and style contrast with the passing of these rooms. Loehr products are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany - to high quality standards, under fair and safe working conditions and respect for the environment.

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