Inspired by Bernardelli Group

The three companies belong to the Bernardelli Group, a company based in Brescia that has been operating since 1982 solely in the fields of selected aggregate extraction, material recovery and recycling, transport and road construction. A new building with an area of 2,000 m², around 70 employees and a sales network that is constantly expanding both directly and indirectly, make it a benchmark for the construction industry today Products, one of the first to introduce internal procedures and instructions for factory control production meeting all the requirements of the current regulations (9001-14001-18001 -

Directive 305-SOA).

Four divisions

Edilquattro. Production of selected sand and gravel, both loose and in big bags, construction materials in bags: mortar, screed, concrete, plaster and cement mortar, plasters, priming and waterproofing materials, asphalt. Management of demolition and landfills. Extraction of Cava Veraldi Calcium Carbonate to produce granules and pebbles of various sizes and with the typical Occhialino Marble Granules.

Novastrada. Road construction and asphalting

Bernardelli Transporti. Transport of aggregates - external transport - hazardous and common waste - logistics.


The company was founded in Borgosatollo in 1982 as a groupage forwarding abroad, especially to Sweden. In 1987, aggregate trading was linked to the main activity at a time when the market was opening up. Therefore, the acquisition of the first quarry is a simple step, the next year the aggregate quarry in Montirone is put into operation and shortly thereafter the second quarry in Ghedi is purchased.

The quality and excellence of the material from Brescia, the best in Italy, exceeds beyond the boundaries of the district: the requests are amazing, the numbers are noticeable.

The boom of the 90s prefabs brought with it a specialization in the trade in the supply of selected aggregates for precast concrete plants, and Bernardelli became a leading supplier of precast concrete, the most important prefab company in northern Italy.

The overarching vision of the company's founder, Arturo Bernardelli, is to create a landfill in the Brescia district: “Initially, it was a service for customers who asked for a site for demolition waste. Today it is the company's core business, combined with logistics and mining, says Bernardelli.

Always focused on eco-responsibility, the company buys the first processing plants to crush recovered materials and starts producing recycled aggregates: "Beyond trends which I have always believed in and it is a business that I have been running for over 20 years, continues Bernardelli, and very satisfactorily.

Strongly based on quarrying activities and the availability of valuable raw material, production of concrete, but also for sale of cement.

At the same time, the construction industry is developing - "this is what the market wants" - and with the acquisition of Novastrade in 2009, it becomes a company specializing in road construction and asphalting, cooperating mainly with public institutions. But the story does not end, and in 2011, Cava Veraldi, a special and unique quarry in Italy, is acquired as well, which supplies the calcium carbonate used in the production of Occhialino marble pellets and pebbles.

Upon completion of the new premises in Borgosatollo a dream came true to directly produce building materials in a "double bag", mortar, screed and concrete of the highest quality, "an almost mandatory way to refine aggregate" and also as an extension of the range in the bag.

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