Inspired by Ultom

Thirty years of experience in office furniture.

Ultom was founded in 1982 thanks to the will of the Tombolan family to bring its vast experience gained over a long time in the world of home furniture to office furniture. The Italian tradition of master carpentry and the secrets of craftsmanship have been passed down from father to son from the beginning of the century, in the third generation: from a small craftsman's workshop to a production area of 15,000 square meters. The desire to understand and optimally develop the world of office furniture prompted Ultom to work with architects and designers to create a range of products that is one of the most complete on the furniture market, with particular emphasis on functional and aesthetic aspects.

All major works are performed inside the company using traditional woodworking machines, supported by the most modern and advanced computer equipment. Skilled craftsmen carefully select all raw materials, paying particular attention to quality and origin, respect for the environment and always in accordance with European regulations for quality and safety at work.

For materials other than wood, Ultom uses qualified external workshops managed directly by the company's technicians.

Ultom has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates from SGS with an undisputed international reputation for: design and production of office furniture.

Thanks to ISO 9001 and ISO certifications 14001, Ultom wanted to strengthen its many years of experience in the industry and emphasize the care for the satisfaction of its customers and the environment.

Certification means that Ultom applies the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in all its activities, from the first sketches to furniture delivery:

- planning is strictly structured and focused on the exclusivity of the project, not forgetting about ergonomics, functionality, environmental aspects and psychological impact of products on the office environment

- contract and order management is carried out with clarity and constant attention to customer needs, testing any non-standard products

- Production is carefully planned, and strict controls are carried out at each stage, from the selection of raw materials to packing of furniture

- Suppliers are strictly selected and strict control of each delivery is carried out
- All environmental issues are managed to not only comply with legal regulations, but also to continuously improve efficiency.

All this is documented and regularly checked by SGS specialized furniture inspectors.

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