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The creators and founders of Kristalia come from the Friuli region of Italy. They are young, dynamic and attentive observers of everything that surrounds them, with an innate and unbridled passion for jazz. After careful analysis, they came to the conclusion that their region's products are undeniably innovative in terms of design, but closely related to the main needs. Therefore, they decided to embark on a journey that brings originality to the form, concept and, above all, function of their designer furniture. For the location of Kristalia, they chose the green but very entrepreneurial area of Brugner, whose production is characterized by ecological solutions, recycling and reduced environmental impact. Many respected designers have cooperated with the brand: Bartoli Design, Luca Nichetto, Neuland, Paster & Geldmacher, Patrick Norguet, Harry & Camila, LucidiPevere, Christophe Pillet, Ramos-Bassols. In 2012, Kristalia won the prestigious Interior Innovation Award for the Elephant Wood armchair designed by the Shepherd and Geldmacher who touched, used and lived with it. The materials absorb the energy of the passage of time and become covered with a patina of memory and impressions. Kristalia welcomes the patina of experience that time gives to furniture, examining objects that acquire meaning and beauty over time. Leather or cement, materials that show the wear and tear of time, are used in some of the brand's collections. Kristalia has steered some of the most up-to-date moments in furniture design - such as the introduction of the extendable table - with an active and vigilant look to the future.

Kristalia focuses on innovative designs, experimenting with new technical solutions and materials, often drawing on fashion and sports. The company's bestsellers include the Bartoli Design sushi table in all its variations, the Face chair designed by Luca Nichetto, the BCN Harry & Camila stool, winner of the Good Design Award 2008.

The designer Kensaku Oshiro, born in distant Japan, received prestigious Master 's degrees in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic Design School in Milan. In 2015, he chose Milan as his home base and plunged into studying and creating works of art for interior design. Kristalia met him and shared her thoughts, shapes and materials with him. The result of their meeting was Holo, a unique table created thanks to a special sheet metal processing, characterized by a characteristic base with a large oval hole in the center. The top of this equipment gem can also be made of glass. The Holo collection includes a console and a new coffee table that will enrich and harmonize any modern living space.

Kristalia Design and love of the environment Kristalia values rhythm in everything. This passion opened the brand to challenges, relationships and the development of innovative ideas over time. The rhythm can be found in many sources of Kristalia - in the tones of her beloved jazz

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thinks, but from joint action. Thanks to her unique ability to open and maintain dialogue with those who propose new ideas - visionary or traditional - Kristalia knows exactly which paths to leave and which to follow. The company's headquarters - the pride of the region - also reflect the pulsating rhythm of Kristalia. The brand knows how to identify territory that has left behind its values and heritage. Kristalia values these intangible gifts and reciprocates with stimulating meetings and gatherings open to the wider community.

Kristalia's strong commitment to environmental protection is reflected in the company's stringent production protocols and the regulation of ancillary services. The company uses high-quality, certified raw materials and, where possible, prefers to use recycled materials such as glass and fully recyclable aluminum multiple times, as well as polypropylene or steel. With a growing concern for ecology, Kristalia also uses renewable materials such as wood to create its durable products.

Chairs, tables, bookshelves and all other furnishings are conceived, designed and manufactured with characteristics and the qualities that make them almost "immortal." They are able to withstand any stimulus or pressure that might otherwise deteriorate their shape or material. The company only uses "Made in Italy" raw materials and semi-finished products, produced by companies that adhere to environmental protocols. All Kristalia products are certified for material properties such as mechanical strength, fire behavior, safety and health.

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