Inspired by Segis

By participating in more advanced design scenarios and innovative conceptual models, Segis produces objects that are versatile both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. This is one of the main aspects of the group's activities.

Life means moving from one residential or public space to another and interacting with the objects that inhabit these places and spaces. You always have the choice of a chair, sofa, table or occasional piece of furniture, or just admire it simply by interacting with it.

Segis presents its dynamic, tangible and functional designs that are the result of various technical skills. productive and creative combined in a rich and original energy. All this was possible thanks to the excellent cooperation with famous designers. Every product must have a right to exist. This is due to the selection of sample products that best reflect the success that Segis has achieved.

The balance between skill and sensitivity has created useful and ergonomic everyday objects that have changed the world around us and the way we live. < / p>

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