Inspired by Gamma & Bross

Skillful combination of design and production techniques with historical knowledge of the profession and its specific needs. The quality of workmanship as well as the image of the salon are the key elements on which GAMMA & BROSS SPA focuses in its commercial involvement in the market. In the early 1990s, other European countries were reached, as well as Asia, the Middle East and the United States. Today, the company sells its exclusive furniture in more than 50 countries and the distribution network has been expanded to more than 30 countries.

The company is located in a beautiful hilly region near Lake Garda. Here there are sales offices, a design department and production laboratories as well as a new 10,000 square meters. ft Showroom with the latest designs produces interior accessories for the domestic and foreign markets, which account for over half of the group's turnover. Not to mention the importance of the salon image in the hairdressing industry, a professional sector that has for years been based on refinement and new nuances of attention to detail.

GAMMA & BROSS SPA offers different collections with unique features every year. They include a wide range of stylers, styling chairs, waiting room sofas, shampoos, reception desks, displays, professional hood dryers, massage tables, SPA pedicure, nail tables, as well as a wide range of designer accessories, including lamps, stools, trolleys, cabinets, poster stands, stands for magazines, posters.

Production methods are based on the most modern systems, where the computer is the basic element, thanks to which manual interference has been eliminated, especially where precision is required and repeatability. In other areas such as carpentry, painting and assembly, an operator is essential, another guarantee of Italian design craftsmanship.

Here the latest CAD projections allow GAMMA & BROSS SPA to use virtual 3D designs that give the customer a visual assessment , often in real time over the Internet. In this way, the client has the end result of what his showroom will look like.

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