Inspired by Urbidermis

Urbidermis is an urban component assembly company based in Parc de Belloch (Barcelona, ​​Spain). For over 30 years, Urbidemis has been committed to a design concept that promotes coexistence, humanizes cities and gives them an identity and a sense of belonging. We started out in a period of great political changes in Spain. Together with the transformation leaders at Olympic Barcelona, ​​we played a role in renewing the urban landscape of our city and its position as a benchmark in urban design. Today, Urbidermis helps to improve coexistence in public and private spaces around the world. We strive for more social, more connected and sustainable cities, where urban features promote a more user-friendly experience and better maintenance, where light, water, rest, safety and information have their space and are within easy reach. Our catalog presents high-quality items, locally produced in Spain. They are trustworthy, functional and durable elements that move emotionally thanks to their aesthetics and encourage a more harmonious development of urban areas both during the day and at night. They are rational, sustainable elements for a two-speed city: technological, connected and human.

Editor of Urbidermis For Urbidermis, assembly was our driving force; necessarily a modest office that pays tribute to the creative talent of our author. Since 1985, we select, undertake and focus on well-designed products, other works whose authorship is intellectually protected and registered.

Urbidermis mission Our mission is to cooperate with architects, landscape architects, lighting designers, planners and public administration to improve urban spaces. We know that each order is a unique undertaking. Our design and production teams work with project managers to get the best results. We offer supportive and customizable solutions that take into account sustainability criteria and high-quality aesthetic and functional design to meet the most specific needs. We have extensive experience and we are happy with what we do.

Global design, local production For more than three decades, Urbidermis has been offering our solutions to hundreds of cities of all sizes and in a healthy state. Our items are designed to improve the user experience for citizens without aesthetics in the foreground, with good taste for sobriety and attention to minimize maintenance costs and ensure manageability. We design in Barcelona for the world. Our partners and friends at LandscapeForms in the USA, Landmark in Australia and Fel Group in New Zealand have had a license to manufacture our components locally for many years. We are responsible for production directly for Europe and the rest of the world. Because reason and emotions are universally shared categories.

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