Inspired by Karpa

Born in the 90s, Albino Miranda, Ltd. is a furniture design and production company. Initially working with stone to create sculptures, the company eventually evolved into the production of unique furniture, working mainly with exotic wood and custom finishes, making itself known through the "Gestos" brand. In 2009, the company takes up a new challenge by creating a new brand of fiberglass furniture, "Karpa", intended for interior and exterior, which includes comprehensive and sophisticated offers.
From 2014, for strategic reasons, the company decided to devote to "Karpa" "All products aimed at high decoration, a very unique, detailed and luxurious product, aimed at promoting the brand as something special. On the other hand, "Gestos" has kept the entire product not intended for a high level of decoration, but for a purpose that would prefer something simpler and more elegant for its space.

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