Inspired by Uspa Europe

USPA Europe Srl is an Italian company specializing in the distribution of electronic bidets and smart toilets in Europe since 2005, in cooperation with the South Korean multinational company Inus Co..

Over the years USPA Europe has worked with some of the most renowned Italian hydraulic brands, giving their customers the opportunity to place the best Korean technologies next to a unique Italian hydraulic project.

Thanks to a dense dealer network, USPA Europe is now represented in 18 European countries and continues to expand on the old continent.

Products Products distributed by USPA Europe are now available in a variety of luxury hotels and yachts that have invested in innovation and responsibility. These products can also be found in hospital complexes, confirming the quality of their hygienic function. In the bathroom design landscape, USPA Europe aims to become the ideal and exclusive benchmark for anyone who wants to integrate a product of the highest quality and technology into their bathroom.

HygeaDuring the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt in March In 2019, USPA Europe decided to introduce Hygea, a qualitative leap that revolutionized the world of smart toilets by offering an innovative product that differed from other competitors. The revolutionary modular system, awarded with the GOLD award in the EPDA Awards in 2019, allows easy insertion and removal of the electronic bidet module, which facilitates repair without inconvenience to the user. In addition, this system allows you to personalize your Hygea by selecting different colors for each of the 5 elements of the smart toilet.

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