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Valdama was founded in 2005. Valdama was founded by Daniele Vitali and is located in the industrial area of Civita Castellana and specializes in the production of high-quality ceramic washbasins and sanitary ware. In fact, it is based on the experience of the previous family company - VARM, founded in 1979 by Gastone Vitali, father of Daniele, dealing in the production of plates and table accessories of craft excellence, entirely by hand.

Production by Valdam Maja With this in mind, Valdama has created its manufacturing guidelines. In its industrial structure, the company has actually retained the organizational and production flexibility of the artisanal model, which today is an important differentiator that distinguishes it from other companies in the industry. respond quickly to specific requests and special needs of customers. In fact, keeping the manual process in the finishing phase allows for color and effect adjustments.

Design and Products The company benefits from the artistic direction of Prospero Rasulo, a designer and artist with extensive experience in the bathroom industry and a personal approach to design that has been guided by Valdam's strategy and the development of an innovative catalog from all the origins of the products.

Technology and functionality together with the emotional and sensual aspects of the material and its shapes form the basis of the product development philosophy.

Gloss and exceptional touch are the unique material effects that characterize Valdam products.

The goal is to stand out in the international bathroom scene with a personal code of style that will be able to give a more courtly breath to typologically established everyday objects, turning them into small masterpieces of quality and everyday harmony.

Research Valdama has launched an internal a different program of research and experiments, aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of materials and improvement of production techniques, which allows the creation of projects capable of directing design trends in the sector and proposing unusual and innovative proposals for the implementation of details and finishes.

Due to Rasulo's artistic training and sense of spatial composition, experimenting with form always flows from a conceptual vision and then confronts technology to enable something previously unthinkable.

A search for color based on his knowledge and painting skills, is another important element that has resulted in the creation of an innovative and sophisticated color range of washbasins and sanitary ceramics, in line with the most progressive trends of modern architecture.

The goal is to achieve the overall exclusivity of the product and the uniqueness of the brand.
Valdama: Craftsmanship Made in Italy Perfection is Valdam's mission. The production of any product requires a lot of energy and has complex implications to consider: material, human work, respect for the environment, corporate social responsibility. Therefore, it is imperative to create durable, high-quality items that are designed and built with passion and the most careful craftsmanship. Unique and special artifacts capable of achieving the highest level of this typically Italian craftsmanship that the world admires.

Ecology and Sustainability Valdama has undertaken in recent years an evolutionary process of transforming the production process in line with the vision of ecology and sustainable development in order to reduce impact and total energy consumption together with CO2 emissions.

Strong investments made to build production facilities were completed at the end of 2020 thanks to the following main interventions:

Replacing the main cooking stove to another with an extremely modern concept with reverse thrust, which allows savings in the consumption of methane up to 30% previously used with better product quality. Each cubic meter of methane saved reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 1.8 kg. Based on the annual consumption of the furnace, this results in a reduction of CO2 emissions by 350 tonnes / year tonnes / year.

Replacing existing lamps with high-efficiency LED luminaires to reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 production, which allows Annual savings of 57,000 kWh, equivalent to 18 tons of greenhouse gases per year

Replacing the company's two compressor stations with high-efficiency variable speed compressors to double the company's real needs without removing excess air annually.

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