Inspired by Vama

VAMA: handmade since 1972

VAMA is proud to be part of Italian craftsmanship.

The slogan "Made from heart" summarizes most of Vama's philosophy.
< / br> In fact, all products are made using traditional techniques, by experienced and skillful hands, at every stage of processing. The attention to detail, from wood to upholstery, from cutting, through sewing, to final assembly, makes the furniture very valuable and durable.

VAMA products

Models and sizes can be customized and designed in every detail to meet the needs of each customer.

In the workshop, the company works every day to develop new products that improve appearance, comfort and functionality.

Shapes , materials and colors are coordinated to optimize products so that they perform with consistent quality at a reasonable price.

Vama strongly believes in excellent online sales and wants to show customers that buying furniture online is possible , convenient and safe.

Vama recognizes this purchase Finding a sofa or bed online is not easy, but we also know that buying online is like buying from a picture in a catalog.

VAMA philosophy

In order to gain the trust of customers, the company offers free quotes with clean prices and no hidden or additional costs. In a market ruined by the pursuit of the lowest available prices at the expense of quality, VAMA strives to stand out from the crowd by continuing to produce high-quality Made in Italy products as it has done from the beginning.

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