Inspired by Vanin

VANIN SRL, a young and dynamic company, is one of the most traditional manufacturers of wooden blinds in Italy. It was established in 1973 out of a deep passion for woodworking and over the years has been developed technologically and qualitatively in combination with technologically advanced machines and constantly increasing production flexibility. Research, innovation and the use of technological materials to surprise the market with advanced solutions have always been the basis for keeping up with market requirements. Vanin made strategic choices by diversifying its product range:

VANIN WOOD LINE offers wooden and ready-to-install shutters, varnished with fittings, assembled with a guarantee of high quality and reliability in time in all its elements. We continuously invest resources and energy to bring new products to market, which are installed all over Italy. It blends harmoniously with modern and classic buildings and meets all architectural needs.

VANIN THERMOCASSE LINE, born of a need that can no longer be avoided, namely to restore home comfort without drafts and dispersion by studying the creation mold and condensation build up around taps. In response to this need, Vanin, by establishing cooperation with the industry leader, has developed special EPS frames that solve the problem of thermal and acoustic insulation of the window opening.

TECHNICAL SHIELDING LINE offers more complete service in combination with thermal insulation frames, offers roller shutters, sun protection and technical curtains in a variety of materials that can be adapted to any type of requirement.

VANIN SRL has a strong and qualified team that works to offer innovative products in a timely and efficient manner and has new and ambitious plans for the future to always respond faster and more effectively to market requirements and is the perfect partner to be customers.

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