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Verpan is a manufacturer of furniture and interior lamps dedicated to the work of Verner Panton, an icon of Danish design and one of the greatest innovators in the 20th century design sector. The brand offers motion, color and light design for living quarters, offices and public places. In addition, he deals with the canons of modern furniture in the Scandinavian style, which takes the form of products with a minimalist, functional design and beyond the classic canons of design. In 2003, the company launched a department dedicated to the development of lighting systems, which was followed in 2010 by the commissioning of furniture and wall coverings

Verpan seats, furniture and fittings. Nordic style, minimalist design The Verpan collections include a variety of interior and exterior furnishing solutions, including sofas, chairs, tables, rugs, rugs and accessories that are perfectly suited to different types of environments, both inside and outside buildings. Verpan sofas and armchairs are distinguished by the particularity of designs, designed in accordance with the Northern European paradigm, which aims to innovate the sector through attractive, unique products designed to make the most of the space and improve the living conditions. The Cloverleaf, designed by Verner Panton, is a modular, sectional sofa upholstered in fabric for indoor use. Its exterior version is a modular polyethylene garden sofa, available in a variety of colors.
Among the seats designed to accommodate home environments, offices, business and public facilities, the Flying Fabric Suspended Seats stand out, designed and produced by Panton in 1969 and still extremely relevant today. Verpan's proposal also includes System 123, an ergonomic armchair, fully upholstered on an aluminum base, also available in deluxe leather and standard swivel version.
The style of the internationally renowned designer Verner Panton, characterized by the extensive use of chrome and light plastic, is found in the Welle collection, which offers upholstery, modular seats and various shapes. Welle is a collection of seats, designed in the 1970s, with polyurethane foam padding and fabric coating, available in a variety of colors.
Particular attention is paid to the production of home design solutions, in order to propose furniture elements that improve the management of the home space, both for the living room and for the night zone. Verpan signed a rug, carpets and other home accessories, always in line with the stylistic efficiency-oriented model and aesthetic formalism. The division dedicated to wall cladding and decoration produces tiles and finishes, using modular solutions suitable for any type of surface, with a high level of adaptation.

Verpan solutions for house lighting and officesThe Verpan proposal for house lighting, offices and rooms The projected is rich and versatile. The lighting systems of the Danish company are characterized by significant elements and a unique design, among the classic systems and voted for continuous formal and functional innovation. Suspension, ceiling, floor and table lamps, available in various shapes and materials, are Verpan's solution to give character to any space, giving elegance and personality, thanks to the unique and always up-to-date design. The wire collection has a floor or steel lamp, designed by Verner Panton in 1972. The structure has a minimal design thanks to the steel wire supporting the hemispherical plastic lampshade. The mound is an aluminum suspension lamp in which Panton plays with geometric figures, and with systems inspired by organic shapes found in nature. The layered structure of the lamp, made of several concentric shades of different sizes, offers a very distinctive and sculptural quality, guaranteeing a generous downlight, accompanied by a soft and diffused side light

Verner Panton. The genius behind Verpan brand Verner Panton was a visionary figure and one of the greatest innovators in the art design industry of his century. Born in Copenhagen in 1926, the designer made himself known for his sui generis style, which makes extensive use of plastic material and bright colors. Bold and experimenter, the artist distances himself from the aesthetics of the northern European project, renouncing the minimalism that distinguishes typical furniture from these places; Verner prefers a decidedly unconventional taste approaching her to propose a real aesthetic revolution in the field of furniture used in every field, from accessories through seats to upholstery, the most demanding challenge of the Danish designer. In the 1960s and 1970s, the name Verner Panton for its world-class position, considered synonymous with extreme, foresight, ingenuity and courage; Nevertheless, Verner Panton also became an exponent of pop culture, showing his remarkable ability to channel mainstream cultural suggestions into a new stylistic expression; industrialism for commercial purposes and art installations, absorbing and inventing social tensions and stimuli from the outside world in a module devoid of imitations and similarities.

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