Inspired by Very Simple Kitchen.

Very Simple Kitchen is an Italian brand that was founded in Bologna with the desire to reinvent the traditional kitchen, transforming it into a more practical, intuitive and flexible space. Inspired by the minimalism and simple lines of Italy's industrial heritage, Very Simple Kitchen has adapted a typical worktop to be the perfect support for your kitchen. The company's goal is to move away from the monolithic kitchen concept and move towards a lighter and more authentic kitchen, introducing a simple and innovative approach based on free-standing modules.

From the very beginning, Very Simple Kitchen benefited from the knowledge of local industries and employees from individual craftsmen to small manufacturers such as sheet metal and painters. The team is constantly looking for ways to optimize the production process and innovative materials to obtain the highest quality products.

Made in Italy and a new Very Simple Kitchen shopping experience. Very Simple Kitchen supplies domestic and international markets with environmentally friendly and recyclable kitchens made of 100% stainless steel, made with laser cutting and sheet bending technology. Kitchen cabinets are built to order and designed to adapt to a variety of spaces

ideal for a young and dynamic generation and demanding customers who value simplicity based on innovation.

The tireless research by Very Simple Kitchen is not limited to the optimization of structural elements, but also to other components and details such as countertops, available in birch plywood, quartz and stainless steel processing, as well as porcelain stoneware. " Venetian, Fenix and concrete.

Very Simple Kitchen offers not only an innovative kitchen concept, but also a more direct, fun and simpler shopping experience in one of the most complex areas of our home, thanks to the online configurator.

With this software you can try different combinations of furniture online, selecting the most suitable parts and choosing the color and countertop you want.

Know-how of the companyVery Simple Kitchen. it is based on the principle of flexibility, which is a response to the need to take your kitchen with you wherever you go. Kitchens are "nomads" and can be moved and modified over time to accommodate any changes. In addition, the colors of the modules are extremely diverse, and the selection of pigments is tailored to individual needs. Painting is done using the "powder" method, which guarantees the strongest finish that can be obtained on metal materials, thanks to which the colors remain unchanged over the years. A refined selection of natural stones, technical materials, components and devices is a perfect synthesis of quality, aesthetics and durability. The company is keen to invest in research into new materials and manufacturers to give the kitchen a distinctive style.

After all, all production takes place in Italy. The brand is always looking for the best artisans in the industry as partners. This enables the production of a kitchen of excellent quality.

A very short history A history of a very simple kitchen. started in 2016, when the designer created the first prototype of a kitchen for his own home, and a year later he began producing the first kitchens for customers in the Emilia region. In 2018, the company was born with the first sale in the Italian market. The following year, the first showroom was opened in Bologna, and an online configurator was launched on the website in 2020.

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