Inspired by Vetrospace

Vetrospace, the most advanced booths in the world! We create truly unique solutions for modern interiors. Unlike other capsule manufacturers, Vetrospace offers cutting-edge technology that promotes health, performance , concentration and wellness for everyone. Patented anti-bacterial lighting and anti-virus technology combined with our Smart-Air Smart Ventilation ensure unmatched hygiene and modular efficiency in a room, resulting in a truly healthy environment. Our noise canceling performance is exceptional, making loud distractions and lack of privacy a thing of the past. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more and let's work together to improve acoustics, spatial planning, health and wellness, work efficiency and privacy for phone calls, conference calls and meetings. Our rooms are perfect for offices, airports, hospitals, schools and public spaces. Welcome to the tranquil Vetrospace universe where the interior world feels like never before.

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