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Viccarbe is a Spanish company specializing in the production of sofas, armchairs, chairs and accessories for the living room, characterized by great attention to detail and bright colors inspired by the wonderful light that Valencia illuminates almost throughout the illuminated year. Viccarbe furniture is designed to create a living, contemporary environment, with character and elegance at the same time, easily recognizable, but perfectly integrating with any environment: well-made and timeless furniture, able to evoke Mediterranean experiences and create friendly spaces.
< / br> The brand has received several awards, including the important Business Excellence Award from His Royal Highness the Prince of Spain, and several other product awards such as World Interior News in 2016 for the Trestle table and bench by designer John Pawson. / br>
Viccarbe, durable furniture Viccarbe firmly believes that the first step towards environmental sustainability is to manufacture durable furniture, produce it wisely and use no more than necessary. Sensitivity to this subject is evidenced by the proposal of an appropriate, not too wide collection, which only includes furniture that really deserves the name of modern classics. Like Patricia Urquioli's Last Minute stool, which can be used both indoors and outdoors: the seat is made of polyethylene and is therefore padded for maximum comfort. Or Nagi by Tomoya Tabuchi, an elegant armchair made to be a classic: there is also a rocking version that rediscovers the model of tradition in a decidedly significant and unexpected way. He received the 2016 Architect Award.

The ambitious Viccarbe project is based on the collaboration of some of the world's greatest designers. Thanks to this prestigious cooperation, collections of timeless furniture accessories in vivid colors are created. Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award in 2016, the Season by Pietro Lissoni armchair is original, but discreet, thanks to its soft and modern lines, it is perfect both for furnishing private homes and for use in contractual situations (hotels, lounges, offices). One product gave birth to a series of sofas, armchairs and poufs, also in a mini version.

Jean-Marie Massaud designed instead Ace, an attractive high-backed armchair characterized by a unique visual lightness: the two-color upholstery option is probably the most modern, allowing the combination of leather and fabric.

Sistema di Lievore Altherr y Molina is a project that allowed Viccarbe to achieve the goal of creating a sofa that is a true complete system of independent elements. Now it is the customer who can compose and adapt the sofa to his own needs and imagination. From year to year, the range of accessories (armrests, backrests, seats, legs, coffee tables, cushions) evolves with new proposals: the choice of the Lievore Altherr y Molina studio was dictated by great care in searching for perfect details and proportions

No only furniture: furnishing accessories between art and design Viccarbe is not just furniture: the pillow collection designed by Odosdesign reflects the company's interest in not leaving anything to chance. Again, the proposition is minimal, but is able to meet all your needs with a very well-designed color palette. The cushions are made of modern materials such as Tyvek® and the seams lose their only practical function, becoming a hero through a series of contrasting or muted decorative stitches.

Halfway between art and design, the so-called the ViccArte collection to gather unique works, exclusive products created for very unique projects in various places around the world: the latest elements of the collection are Giro and Bamba-Tables by the young Brazilian artist Pedro Paulo-Venzon, characterized by slender shapes that evoke stylistic archetypes, between tradition and innovation, between craftsmanship and industry.

Common by Naoto Fukasawa is a modular system of benches and seats, elegant and simple: the high-density foam ensures the lines remain unchanged over time, even after with intensive use

legs of individual elements and matching tables are made of natural wood.
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