Inspired by Vicoustic

Vicoustic understands sound - and we know what makes acoustics and sounds truly extraordinary. At the forefront of acoustic technology, we combine sophisticated systems with stunning design to deliver uncompromising, yet high-quality sound. Established in 2007, Vicoustic is a leading force in the industry. It is present in over 50 countries around the world and cooperates with over 180 companies.

We understand the unique dynamics of sound in a room or place. Whether it's a home theater hi-fi system or a professional radio and television sound system, our knowledge of the highest acoustic performance is unmatched. Vicoustic products provide clever and innovative solutions to meet the needs of rooms that require a sophisticated soundscape. Bearing in mind the high standards of our customers, we constantly strive to produce products with the highest functionality and adaptability, but at the same time with a sustainable and conscious environment in mind.

Quality at the heart of sound

Vicoustic deals with design, leading technology and solid solutions. And alongside this vision, our work is always based on producing sound using the highest quality materials and systems. We listen to our customers and take their acoustic needs into account, what we do is very personal. We pride ourselves on our work and Vicoustic would never create anything we would not use ourselves.

Designed and manufactured in Portugal, our facilities underwent a major overhaul in 2015 to incorporate state-of-the-art equipment and new production systems and coating. As a result, Vicoustic was able to maintain the high quality standards expected of its products, increase production volumes, but also manufacture these products to order for our custom projects. This is managed by our own "in-house" quality department that oversees all aspects of the company's quality. no matter how unusual) to provide the best acoustics and environment for your listening enjoyment ... we have you at hand.

A total acoustic experience

We know that every the room deserves individual acoustic requirements. Our design team are experts in supporting your acoustic requirements. From concept to implementation, we work closely with architects and designers to successfully complete the project, regardless of its complexity. The groundbreaking hardware and software tools we have developed have proven to be very reliable to support the integration of sound systems during the construction or remodeling of a project.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Vicoustic is committed to creating a more conscientious product

We are committed to producing products in an environmentally friendly manner. This is important to Vicoustic and is an integral part of our product development. After an extensive project to make our creations durable, much of our products are now made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Most of all, Vicoustic has increased the use of VicPET wool. Non-woven fabric with excellent acoustic performance, but mainly made of recycled plastic bottles. The third Vicoustic factory will open in 2018, which means we are more determined than ever to use environmentally friendly products in our lines. However, sustainability is not limited to production. Our goal for a product to be greener is also the quality and durability of our creations, and we strive for them to have a great, long and lasting life.

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