Inspired by VittEr Design

VittEr Design® is a brand founded in 2019 by Filippi 1971 in Berbenno, Bergamo Valleys, a company with 50 years (1971-2021) international experience in the furniture industry and in providing complete kits and custom components for motorhomes and caravans. With this new brand, Filippi 1971 aims to enhance and highlight its exclusive VittEr® material in the world of design and furniture. VittEr® is the result of many years of intense research and development that is constantly evolving. It represents a new generation of compact laminates, formaldehyde free, antibacterial, 100% Italian supply chain, suitable for outdoor use and food contact, designed to offer eco-friendly products at a lower cost, promoting environmental pollution. VittEr Design® is located in the historic Philippi building, recently restored and enlarged in 1971 by Basaglia + Rota Nodari architects to accommodate both realities working in close contact with each other and with the territory. This new mast was a design challenge that the architects successfully completed by defining contemporary architecture on top of an existing industrial building. An extension that also symbolizes VittEr Design®'s mission: to look to the future without losing sight of your own history. The success of this first collaboration prompted the brand to entrust Basaglia + Rota Nodari with another key challenge: creating the first collection of VittEr Design® furniture accessories to interpret and enhance material properties in order to create innovative, eco-friendly and innovative solutions for recyclable products. The first collection of POP & Déco VittEr Design® products is dedicated to residential environments, hotels, healthcare facilities and common spaces.

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