Inspired by Viva Porte

Viva is a company with an international perspective, deeply rooted in the Brianza region, which has preserved the values and traditions of wood and furniture production. It is an evolution of over a hundred years of experience in the world of interior doors and cooperation with renowned architects and designers around the world. By combining specific technical expertise with a "know-how" culture, the company has developed into an important distribution network worldwide. Inspiration offers doors with a high degree of detail, reflecting the needs and tastes of an international audience, to anticipate and interpret global trends with a high level of personalization and customer service. The production is exclusively 100% Made in Italy, an essential feature that represents the excellence of craftsmanship combined with high precision industrial processing: quality, elegance, exclusivity and beauty. Viva products reflect all these values, and each investment made by them serves the continuation of a centuries-old tradition in interior design and in-depth knowledge of materials, workmanship and aesthetic research. The doors are characterized by technical refinement and selected materials. Each stage of the production process is carried out with the utmost care, up to the final, stringent quality control, which ensures maximum efficiency for many years. A constant emphasis on achieving excellence in every detail of the product, both visible and built-in. Every aspect of Viva doors is handled with skill that only tradition and experience can offer.

Viva Porte: timeless design Viva doors have always been characterized by timeless design and attention to detail. Perceived as a piece of furniture, the door acts as a real piece of furniture, perfectly integrated into the place, made to measure and with an individual finish. Viva constantly researches designs and technologies to create doors that tend to be perfect. Aesthetic tests are continuous, guaranteeing the exact identity for each door produced. Thanks to this philosophy, Viva is able to meet the demands of the global market and manage large projects in the retail and contract segment.

Technical solutions are the result of continuous technological research to ensure long-term reliability and high performance. The combination of product development at the highest level with the quality of materials guarantees the implementation of innovative solutions. The 58 mm thickness on the V0, V1, V3 and Como models is 40% thicker than the normal door thickness. Greater thickness indicates solidity, stability and durability over time. The three-sided overlap prevents light penetration and increases sound insulation. Adjustable, invisible hinges and a magnetic closure without visible screws ensure attention to every detail. Each processing is done with the utmost care and the end product undergoes strict quality control to ensure high performance.

V0 is a door with clean and basic lines that can be integrated into the wall thanks to an invisible aluminum frame. A unique door characterized by a 58mm thick panel with invisible hinges and magnetic closure.

The lightness and brightness of the glass characterize Como doors, developed on the same invisible aluminum frame. The glass is placed on the aluminum frame with an intriguing effect. Thanks to a variety of surfaces, it can be adapted to different styles.

V3 is a new door model that does not require special requirements on the construction site. The door has the special characteristics of Viva, but it is characterized by a frame that can be mounted on a finished wall, revolutionizing the concept of frame and frameless doors. The Viva collection also offers a wide range of sliding doors, including Como, Bellagio and Cernobbio sliding glass systems, partition wall systems that are installed on the same track and offer great flexibility for customer choice. Thanks to the transparency and brightness of the glass, they can guarantee aesthetic continuity between the environments, and the lighting effects make each place unique.

VTheca is an innovative system of flush openings. It is a product consisting of a container that can be easily inserted into the wall and a panel that fits perfectly with the wall. VTheca is adaptable to any aesthetic solution as it has many finishes ranging from painted wall panels creating a disappearing panel-into-wall effect to beautiful glass panels. The possibility of mounting panels with a hinged hatch or opening allows VTheca to fit into any space and create a space, even where it does not exist in the world. The goal is to offer dedicated solutions through tailor-made project and production management, combined with a full technical development service and detail definition to meet all design, functional and aesthetic needs.

Quality and respect for the natural environment are essential the concept of the Viva philosophy, a business approach in which each design, material and door combine technological innovation and attention to resources. The constant commitment to the selection of raw materials, suppliers and optimization of natural resources aims to preserve and improve environmental conditions for future generations.

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