Inspired by Vortice

Vortice is the market leader in Europe and has been producing fans in Milan since 1954. We have been operating in the UK since 1977, with offices in Burton on Trent with a warehouse in Tamworth just off the M42. Our technical department offers a free , complete design and valuation service (guaranteeing compliance with applicable regulations) along with full technical support for any questions that may arise at the design, assembly or post-assembly stage. We have over 12 years of uninterrupted experience in this high level of service as a supply partner to one of the top 3 home builders in the UK.

Why should you use Vortice products?

Connect stylish Italian design and innovation with reliability and a history of a company dedicated to improving the quality of the air we breathe. Care for the environment with special attention to the development of technologies and applications in line with the latest ecological standards. Production processes based on the concept of sustainable development. Today we have products that will meet the needs of the future market.

Vortice Comfort in rooms

One of the basic human needs is to live in a comfortable, healthy environment. Our physical well-being largely depends on the quality of space heating and cooling as well as the relative humidity. For this reason, the air we breathe every day must be as clean and free of pollutants as possible. For 50 years, Vortice has continuously provided effective solutions to improve air quality, using the latest technology to design and manufacture effective products around the world. While products are designed to improve our quality of life, they should also be visually appealing, ergonomic and functional. Since the 1970s, the aesthetics of Vortice products have been unique thanks to the cooperation with such prestigious international brands as Zanuso, Sapper, Trabucco and Vecchi. The enormous effort put into achieving these results has undoubtedly extended the life of many products thanks to the timeless design of the Italian Quality Label Institute, an independent committee recognized by all quality control organizations worldwide. Vortice employs all the necessary testing procedures to ensure maximum consumer safety. In addition, as a guarantee to its customers, the performance of each Vortice product intended for domestic and commercial ventilation is independently verified with an information label issued by IMQ.

Vortex sustainability

In recent years, all our new product lines have been designed to meet the requirements of Art. 4 of the WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) so that they can be "disassembled" and suitable for recycling. Our goal is to continuously improve our product designs to ensure that the full product life cycle is covered. Fewer components - easier to get them. Designed to be dismantled - therefore easier to install and maintain. All items marked - for easy recycling. Our products are "green by nature"

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